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FEAS offers a hosted search engine solution for your business. Typical usage cases are Corporate and Enterprise Search functions, but you could think also about project searches.

Todays world of websites is far from being homogenized - in fact with the existence forums, blogs and project websites it becomes even more diverse in terms of platforms, technologies and systems. That is were FEAS Corporate Search comes into play.

Can your search do this...
Show relevant results?
Automatically recognize and show results in selected languages?
Identify and hide duplicates and almost equal pages on results?
Show results weighted by organizational structure or other criteria?
Suggest equal keywords and phrases?
Use external sources and databases to enrich results?
Index the websites and pages you want?
Index files like PDF, Word, Powerpoint, ...?
Is up-to-date whenever you need it?
Does not depend your websites to run on a certain platform or system?
All this without using a single byte on your servers?

If you were thinking "no" for just one single time, you should talk to us!

Get in touch with us! Send us your thoughts!
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FEAS Corporate Search