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In spite of the great variety of life forms, existing ones are just a small extract of all possibilities of being. The consequent changing of the biologic matrix is caused by a natural selection tool: evolution. Evolution allows being to those forms of life, which are assimilated as best to their environment as possible.

Despite the unfortunate transfer of the phrase evolution to the biologic system, nature and culture have something in common. Evolutionary thinking does also work in the economic system. Long-term only companies can survive, which are capable of adjusting themselves to the environment they are operating in. Survival will become a strategic question rather than a natural one.

From this point of view strategic management is an important business factor. Therefore the following elements play an important role in the evolutionary process: perception, visioning and integration. The success depends on every item the same. Just a healthy perception ensures promising visioning and just a adequate integration realizes success.

The appreciation of the evolutionary concept leads to a consequent, conscious perception of company culture and environmental changes. The reflection of a company’s standpoint, most important targets and methodic ways make a construction process possible, which ensures long term existence.

The company’s perception is the most important starting point. A solely internal view and therefore a limited perception can lead to a distorted point of view concerning organization and environment. So the service of FEAS is the extension of a company’s perception. This will ensure the optimization of a company and its targets with objective standards.

This new kind of perception makes it possible for companies to formulate strategic versions and to integrate them successful. Those coherences are the methodic approach for FEAS and its services. Service is just adequate, if it accompanies clients at all phases of a changing process and creates measures for ensuring long term success. Just this symbiotic relation to clients opens up synergies and makes service valuable.

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